It Can’t Happen Here

This is a long video, but please watch the whole thing. There are jackbooted fascists in this country. There are armed and totally out of control thugs. That anyone could watch this and not see this for the systemic problem that it is makes me sick my stomach. These are unarmed teenagers playing in a pool. This police officer pulls his gun on a fourteen year old girl, and drags her across the ground. For how fucking long does this have to happen until we do something? I don’t give a shit if these kids weren’t supposed to be at the pool. It’s a fucking community pool. If you think this kind of authoritarian hyper-violence is the proper response to improper pool usage, you’re a fascist. There’s no two ways about it. I don’t give a shit about “administrative leave.” This guy should be fired and prosecuted for assault and battery and his colleagues for aiding and abetting a felony. I don’t give a shit about how hard it is to be a cop. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you snap and go nuts, face the consequences just like anybody else. Our founding fathers put a right to self-defense in the Constitution because they knew that this is what happens when we give lunatics weapons and authority and keep acting like it’s legitimate. These police officers do not have legitimate authority. They do not operate with the consent of the governed. This trend, all across the country, is an enemy of liberty. This is Stalinism. This is American fascism. Every person that watches this happens and turns a blind eye is guilty of perpetuating a system of violence and authoritarianism that’s fomenting in this country. These police officers are not patriots. They are redcoats. Why do we keep giving them a pass? When do we do right by our country, by our founders, and by our principles and stand up against this active tyranny?


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